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Anita Brown
The second book in Ron Dahle’s series ***** As I quickly found myself caught up in, cheering these geriatric warriors on, and wanting desperately for them to successfully complete every mission, I soon forgot their ages. These incredibly talented American Veterans are Warriors thru & thru. Age no longer thought of as these men take on & accomplish missions to stop or slow the loss of the America they first fought for.
With the Deacon leading this unit of Warriors, you’ll find yourself cheering them on, feeling their losses, their determination & strength. You’ll be looking forward to the next mission & hope & pray that these real Heroes make it through. As the tension & suspense builds as we draw closer to the “We The People” mission, I wonder will it happen? How will they accomplish it? What will the Deacon’s blueprints contain? Will the bond these Warriors have, their knowledge, skills, weapons & planning be enough? Will they be able to stop the threats America is now facing?
This is an incredible read. A series every American should read. I couldn’t put Churning Cauldron or Grey Death down & can hardly wait to read Grey Dawn, the final book *****
New readers review of Grey Death…..

I really enjoyed the “Churning Cauldron.” “Grey Death” is even more timely, exciting and absolutely on target for the current state of our nation. We are in urgent need of T…

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5.0 out of 5 stars The best yet!, January 15, 2013
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This review is from: The Grey Dawn (The Churning Cauldron) (Kindle Edition)

The Grey Dawn is Ron’s best work yet! From high-tech hacking in changing the world’s financial status, to using ‘other governmental agencies’ to assist the Geriatric Warriors’ fight for Lady Liberty, the scope of The Deacon’s operation continues to grow. Not only is the plot riveting in itself, the ingenuity used in accomplishing the missions increase the enjoyability of the read. “Improvise, adapt, overcome” and a fertile imagination are a lethal combination for the bad guys as our Warriors travel around the country and the globe in their shadow war. Looking forward to the sequel!


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5.0 out of 5 stars The Churning Cauldron January 16, 2013
Good book Ron. This book synergizes current political, economic, social and religious issues. It ties in the patriotic acts of a group The Churning Cauldron: Book 1…The Beginning of Americans whose mission for their country was teaching other people to fight the machine of oppression within their own countries. These men have seen and know what is going on, the country is ripe for revolution and the exploitation of this environment in Ron’s book is excellent. It contains tactics, love, betrayal; includes analytical methodology planning and executing a military operation and on the human side how compartmentalization of love, emotion and relationships help a combat soldier deal with the reality of his life. This was an excellent read.

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The review is short, but says so much. There is a lot of truth in what the reviewer said.

5.0 out of 5 stars Interesting, January 8, 2013
This review is from: The Grey Dawn (The Churning Cauldron) (Kindle Edition)

You find yourself gasp and utter “OMG” at the twist and turns, the secrets reveled. You get to know the “Deacon” better and better.. You are in his world by invitation only.. You either love or hate him there is no in between. You are a loyal friend or he is your worse nightmare. This book screams for more of what he sees happening to get American back to where she once was or better!


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School massacre.

Ok, time to do some soul searching about the shooting in CT. Bottom line, guns didn’t kill the victims, a deranged evil person killed them.

Guns do not make people evil! Our society and culture breeds violence at many levels. I feel the movies share a piece of the blame, but I feel the biggest portion of the blame falls upon the multiplayer video games, and even the regular games which are so readily available. They advocate mass killings, rape, and robbery. The better you are at them the higher your ranking. And parents, you don’t get a free pass on this either, start doing your job!

But the video game industry, is not a consideration because of the $$$ involved in the games. Nobody wants to hear it, they start screaming about the 1st amendment as soon as it is brought up. And fact of life it is part of the entertainment industry, and we all know who they have in their pocket, so let’s go after guns…kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

We all know evil people exist, be they just plain evil, or mentally deranged, the end result can be the same. This most recent murderer had killing on his mind, and nothing was going to stop him.

What if he had broken into the same school the same way he did and had 5 or 6 pint sized Molotov cocktails with him. Try to fathom what the death toll may have been under those circumstances. Very possibly in the hundreds.

It isn’t a matter of too many guns, it is a case of too few!  All of our school massacres took place in   “gun free zones”. Do you suppose it is time to train and arm select school personnel?  Just the fact that schools had a means to protect themselves would be a major deterrent.

Controlling guns isn’t the answer; controlling evil is.


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NOTE:  For the uninitiated Tracy, is an assassin, who recently went to work for The Deacon. She came highly recommended by a close friend of Ron’s (the Deacon) who is a Branch Chief in the CIA. She was one of the top assassins in the Agency. Naturally, Ron has been trying to get her in bed from the day they met.


Tracy finally took a break, and dialed her mother in Washington state, to advise her mom of her new job and address.

“Hey Tracy, I was beginning to wonder if you had dropped off the edge. What has been going on.”

“Mom, you wouldn’t believe it if I told you. It has been a hectic month for me. I have moved and have a new job.”

“Well, you going to tell me or do I have to guess?”

“Ok, I am doing private contracting for the government sort of. I work for an old fucker that goes by the name of the Deacon. I live in a set of quarter’s right here on the compound.”

Tracy’s mom was quiet for a long time; finally, she spoke. “Tell me a little more about this Deacon character.”

Well he is close to 70 years old I would think, although he refuses to acknowledge that. His real name is Ron Dakle. He retired as a Command Sergeant Major. He is widowed, and I get the feeling he would jump my bones in a minute if I ever dropped my guard.”

A long silence ensued, “Mom are you still there”

“Oh yes baby, I’m here, are you sitting down, if not you need to.”

“For Christ sake mom drop the theatrics and tell me what to fuck is going on!”

“Ok, in a nutshell, the Deacon is your biological father. He and I had a fling in the seventies, he and your dad were good friends, your dad went on an extended TDY, and damn it things just happened. Ron left to go to Monterey before I knew I was pregnant. Your dad knew that he couldn’t be your father, so he volunteered to take an unaccompanied tour to Panama, just to clear his head. He was there about ten months and was killed in South America. Right after he was killed I moved back home to Washington. I never told you, as I wanted to spare you thinking ill of me. So there, now you know.”

“Holy fucking shit! And I was considering giving him some sympathy pussy. Guess that’s out of the question. So what to fuck do I do now. I don’t know if I should tell him or not. There’s a lot at stake here. I’ve got a great job.”

“Well if you don’t tell him, I will. I know him better than you realize. He is all business when it comes to what he does. He would put you at undue risk for the sake of the mission. Maybe if he knows he’s your father he will moderate his stance a bit.”

“Damn it, I’m not looking for a free ride, never have and don’t plan to start now.”

“Ok babe, but it can’t hurt. the Deacon I knew will still throw you to the lions but if he knows who you are he’ll put you in with an old sick lion to give you a fighting chance. There are no free rides with the Deacon, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

“Ok then, but I want you to tell him. The last time he and I talked it didn’t go too well.”

“And that my dear is the streak of him that runs through you. You two, have always been of one mind. There was never any doubt in my mind whose daughter you were. You’re both bullheaded, stubborn, and capable of being mean as a fucking rattlesnake. That’s one of the reasons I would send you off, you reminded me of him too much. I’ll call him when we hang up and break the news to him. Keep in touch baby.”

“I will mom,” Tracy said.


Ron just sat down to have a cup of coffee with Mary Jane, when the phone rang. “It never fails,” he muttered as he answered it. He didn’t recognize the number on the caller ID or the voice on the other end of the phone.

The caller spoke softly and said, “Ron, I don’t believe you can’t recognize this voice who repeatedly whispered “fuck me” in your ear so many times in the early 70s.”

“Shit, is this Charlene?” Ron said, finally realizing who he was talking to. “You dropped off the face of the earth, I never did find out where you guys went after I was reassigned to Monterey.”

“Bobby was reassigned to Panama, where he got killed on a trip to South America. I relocated back home to Washington State, but this has nothing to do with why I called.”

“Well, out with it lady, no reason to be secretive, considering what we had shared over the years.”

Taking a deep breath Charlene was able to force the words “Ron, I don’t know how to say this but you and I had a daughter. I didn’t know I was pregnant when you went to Monterey, and after Bobby died I decided to let that die with him, as he is the only other person who knew she wasn’t his daughter.”

“And you are telling me this now…why? Is there anything I can do for her? Ron asked.

“As a matter of fact, there is, you can keep her alive! Against all odds, she wound up working for you. Ron, Tracy is your daughter! I know you, and I know Tracy’s line of work, I just hope that you will try to keep her safe. I just talked to her, and she doesn’t want to give up her job, so the ball is in your court to keep her alive. I hope you will do whatever is in your power to insure she dies of old age, and not on one of your rabbit assed operations.

“Barring a crisis this is the last time you will hear from me, as we have both moved on in our lives. I just hope you will do what is right by our daughter.” Charlene said as she hung up the phone.

Ron sat almost motionless staring at his coffee cup for what seemed like an eternity when Mary Jane finally broke the silence. “Well, are you going to tell me what that was all about or make me guess.”

“You’ll never guess this one babe, I just found out that an old friend and I had a daughter together and low and behold, it is Tracy! I just fucking knew she was too much like me to be a coincidence.”

“So what now?” Mary Jane asked.

“I have no frigging idea. I need to talk to her and we need to weigh our options. I could create an administrative position for her, as I really don’t want to deploy her in her specialty. Ultimately, the call will be hers.” Ron said.



A glowing review of The Grey Dawn By M Medler


5.0 out of 5 stars Must-read for non-brainwashed patriots December 5, 2012
This review contains no spoilers, it has been provided free of charge and I hereby grant the author the right to use it in future promotions, as he sees fit. Grey Dawn is the third instalment in the Churning Cauldron conspiracy/political thriller series.
The Deacon’s plans crystallize and focus progressively more on a few select areas of enemy infiltration and political targets. His Academy is working at full capacity, but with increased numbers come increased risks. I won’t give away the plot, so you’ll have to read the book in order to find out what I’m talking about. Suffice it to say that the stakes are higher, the Warriors have to reach deeper for that extra spark of resilience, courage and ingenuity, and it becomes crucial that the Deacon makes the right decisions.
We are introduced to a few new characters, some experienced, some brilliant but stubborn, and some young, yet determined to carry on the flame. For all of them, America and its freedom are more important than life itself.
Freedom-fighting has never been easy, and sometimes tougher opponents call for a different type of fighting. Enter Rodney, the star of the show and my favorite so far.
The Deacon himself has been dealt one or two surprises, but he needs to keep a cool head and keep whatever happens in his private life from interfering with the activities of his geriatric defense guard.
Again, the action scenes are flawless and the descriptions are painting a neat, clear picture for the reader. Ronald Dahle’s experience in the field shines through. The narrator’s voice is fresh and clipped, the dialogues exactly what one would expect from battle comrades. With every wrongdoer who is being punished, there seem to be so many others vying to take their place. Right at the end, we are being shown in cold, bleak detail exactly how easy it would be for those ignored potential threats to become reality.
Well done again to Ronald Dahle, whose patriotism cannot be doubted. If you haven’t read the first two books in the series, now is the time to do so. Don’t worry about reading them in sequence; the author is kind enough to provide a quick summary and introduction at the beginning of Grey Dawn, and also a few words about each character, for ease of reference.
If you care about your country, read them. Even if you’re not a US citizen. But especially if you are. America needs people who care, and these books show you why you should. I award five stars to this novel and, most of all, this person who had the nerve to put it all down on paper.

RT First two chapters of The Grey Dawn. Book 3 in the Churning Cauldron series.


 Chapter 1…Confusion

29 February 2012

Jimmy was in that transition between having a bad dream and awakening. Far off in the distance he heard a faint  knocking on a door that kept getting louder and louder. “Jimmy Paxon, this is the Police, open up!”

The knocking and hollering got progressively louder until Jimmy finally awoke and realized that the beating on the door was not a bad dream. He looked through the peep hole in his door and saw two uniformed  police officers plus an FBI agent who he know as Ralph Summerall. He opened the door only to be immediately overpowered and handcuffed by the DC Police officers. He was read his rights and informed that he was under arrest for the murder of Melinda Cambridge. Jimmy’s bad dream just turned into his worst nightmare.

His mind was racing, in an attempt to make sense of what was going on. The fact that he had a hangover didn’t make the task any easier. The name, Melinda Cambridge, raced through his mind trying to put a face to the name. Bingo, he recalled that he had a hooker named Melinda to his apartment about a week ago. He knew he did not remember her departure and recalled that she didn’t even take the $100 bill he set on the nightstand for her. However, she did steal his laptop computer that was on his worktable. A theft never reported by Jimmy, as that would have opened up Pandora’s Box within the FBI, and that, he did not need.

The police retrieved his weapon and un-cuffed him to allow him to get dressed before they took him to central booking. Upon arrival at central booking, they arrested him for murder and set up an arraignment date. During his processing, Jimmy underwent close examination by the crime lab. They paid particular attention to the remnants of his scratches and bite marks, photographing and taking scrapings from all of them.  Jimmy changed his clothes one more time this morning; only this time, after being strip-searched, he put on an orange jumpsuit. They put him into solitary confinement, as was standard procedure for law enforcement personnel for their own safety.

Chapter 2…The Rest of the Story

17 Days Earlier

The Deacon, Joe, and the most of the  “Geriatric Warrior” chain of command just left Larry’s office after sitting through the dog and pony indoctrination given to all new CIA agents and vetted CIA contractors. Now, at least the “Warriors” had the cover of being associated with the CIA to fall back on if the shit hit the fan, which it has before and more likely than not, it will again one of these days.

Joe was enroute to Columbia where he was the supervisor of an indigenous training camp during the winter months. In the summer months, the training relocated back at the Academy the Deacon had built in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. Joe had but one minor mission prior to flying to Columbia. He had to tend to an FBI Agent named Jimmy Paxon.

It would have been so easy to just kill Jimmy and get it over with, which is what Joe would have done under normal circumstances. The problem with killing an FBI agent, it is akin to letting loose the dogs of war. The FBI is relentless in pursuit when chasing down the killer of one of their own. That is not what concerned Joe, though. Every case Jimmy has ever been associated with would come under extreme scrutiny, and within the labyrinth of cases, there was the possibility of linking many of the jobs the Deacon and his “Geriatric Warriors” have pulled off. Jimmy Paxon was on the verge of putting the pieces together when Vince McCullough found out about it and reported it to the Deacon. This…is what precipitated this action.

Joe received a briefing on Paxon from Vince McCullough of Homeland Security and from Larry Neider from the CIA, both of whom are sympathetic to the cause of “The Geriatric Warriors”.

Joe now knows more about Jimmy than Jimmy does. He knows that, as a result of some questionable decisions and a spate of bad luck, Jimmy is now a pencil pusher for the FBI, and that totally dampened his career aspirations as an FBI Agent. This led him into depression, to drink excessively on a frequent basis, and he was predisposed to pick up hookers and bring them back to his apartment. All of which caused Jimmy to be looked upon with disdain by his co-workers and superiors.

Joe had already located Jimmy’s apartment and inspected it for surveillance cameras, which were nonexistent. He has also watched Jimmy arrive at his home carrying his computer and briefcase, usually around 1800 hours.  As a rule, Jimmy would spend most of his time in a local bar a block and a half from where he lived. Invariably he would get drunk, and frequently pick up a hooker and take her home with him.

Joe did some shopping around and found a gorgeous upscale working girl named Melinda Cambridge who he immediately struck up a business relationship with. Joe told her he was only going to be in town for a week and asked what she would charge to spend that week with him. Without batting an eye, she told Joe that for $10,000 she was his to do with as he pleased, barring beating, for the week. Joe, being cautious, said he would go along with that under the conditions that he paid her $3,000 initially and $1,500 every night thereafter. She made out better that way, and Joe was confident he would see her every day and that she would not disappear after receiving the money. This was the beginning of what appeared to be a great deal for each of them.

Actually, Melinda proved to be a delightful partner for Joe both in and out of bed. On one hand, she was a skilled lover and on the other, an intelligent woman that was conversant in a wide variety of topics and just plain fun to be around. Joe was thinking that likely someday she would have made someone a great wife.

On the fourth night of their arrangement, Joe asked Melinda if she would like to receive an additional $1,500 tonight. She immediately got suspicious and asked what she would have to do for it.

“It is simple; I have a close friend who I want to screw with. I want you to go home with him and screw him like he has never been screwed, real bites, scratches, the whole nine yards. Once you have made love to him a couple times, you need to slip him a Mickey with his drink. As much as he drinks, he will likely pass out within a couple minutes. At that time, leave him there, grab his laptop, and get out. Leave his door unlocked when you depart, I will be waiting across the street and we can go to my place for the rest of the night.”

“Why would you want to do that?” Melinda asked.

“He is an old friend, we go to the same gym at noon time whenever I’m in town, and I want to rag on him about his scratches and bites. He always tries to play the role of a preacher. I just want to bust his balls. He and I went to school together;   believe me this battle has been going on forever. I am going to replace his hard drive with one that has a bunch of crap on it and I will sneak it back into his apartment before he wakes up. This isn’t shit; you should see some of the crap he has pulled on me in the past.”

“I suppose I can pull that off. You guys, I swear sometimes you act like ten year olds.”


When Melinda walked into the bar, she knew that Jimmy was hers, for the taking, by the way his eyes followed her across the room, all the way to the other end of the bar, undressing her with every step she took. Like a dog in heat, Jimmy approached her and asked if he could buy her a drink, an offer she eagerly accepted. It was but a few minutes, when she sensed that Jimmy was already a little on the drunk side, so she decided to make her move while she was sure Jimmy could and would comply with her sexual advances.

Melinda was happy to leave the bar with Jimmy, as it was a dingy dive in her mind not the least bit what she was accustomed to by any stretch of the imagination. Jimmy’s apartment was an improvement from the bar, but just barely.

They were no sooner in the apartment when Jimmy started undressing, ‘a real class act’ Melinda thought. She took a deep breath as she also started to get undressed, albeit very slowly to torment Jimmy who was, by now, panting like the dog he was.

The lovemaking was the least painful part of the evening, as Jimmy was finished before she had really started and was a little strange. He withdrew from her and finished by masturbating and ejaculating on her breasts, which he then rubbed in.  She realized that to cause the damage Joe wanted her to inflict on Jimmy she would have to work fast on the next round.

‘And oh what a round it was’ Jimmy thought to himself. He had unleashed a tiger, never having experienced a woman this passionate in his life. He was a mass of scratches and bites and he savored every one of them, as it was proof, to him at least, that he was a virile sexual beast in his own right. This time he ejaculated inside her and promptly collapsed.

During a drink afterwards, Jimmy was already anticipating the next round with Melinda when he started feeling woozy and realized he needed to lie down, but not before Melinda served him another drink. She started to dance for him to keep him awake long enough to finish his drink.


“I deserve a tip!” Melinda said to Joe as she got into his car with Jimmy’s laptop in tow.

“That bad, huh?” replied Joe.

“Worse, you can’t imagine. This is precisely why I work the hotels I do; they cater to a totally different clientele. This dude rated high in crass and low in class.”

“Well, we will see if we can salvage your night for you,” Joe said to Melinda as he reached over and rubbed her thigh.

On the way back to Joe’s room, he suggested they stop by the reflecting pool for a drink and a romantic stroll in the moonlight.   Joe pulled over and poured them both a glass of Champagne to celebrate. Melinda smiled as she looked at Joe and said, “This is what I mean about class.” She finished her second glass of Champagne while they were getting ready to take that romantic stroll around the pool.


It was about 9:30 the next morning when little Jamie’s parents heard him hollering from the woods. They ignored him at first, as this was normal behavior for Jamie, a very hyperactive four year old. He got their attention when he came out of the woods, beside the reflecting pool, covered in blood. He took his parents in and showed them the dead woman.

The crime scene revealed little other than the fact that this is where the murder happened based on the volume of blood present. The victim had her throat slit and her jugular vein severed in what appeared to be one continuous movement; obviously inflicted by one who has done this before.


Joe was cruising at 35,000 feet enroute to Columbia about the same time Melinda’s body reached the city morgue. He was excited to be going back to work. He had to be at the Academy in Columbia in order to segregate as much C-4 and Det Cord as possible upon the closing of the academy for the spring. Bert will fly in,  pick up Joe with the munitions  and take them straight to Wolfeboro when he was finished.


It only took the FBI lab a couple of days to process the DNA from under Melinda’s fingernails and from the sperm samples collected from all over and within her. As suspected, it was a perfect match to Jimmy Paxon. The lab also found traces of GHB in her system. Things did not bode well for young Jimmy, thought Agent Summerall, who worked alongside the DC police during the entire investigation. The FBI entered the case from the beginning, as Melinda had one of Jimmy Paxon’s business cards in her clutch bag when they found her. The DNA evidence coupled with finding the empty Champagne bottle with her fingerprints on it under the seat of Jimmy’s car, all of which was topped off by finding the bloody knife used to kill Melinda under Jimmy’s bed made this case a slam-dunk. True, Jimmy had a record of drinking and was a known womanizer, but this shocked even his most ardent critics.


RT Enhanced Interrogation Excerpt from The Grey Death


Larry had just had the first batch of four prisoners   dropped off at Serf’s safe house. Serf and Tommy led them into the underground bunkers. One was put in the bunker with Rodney the rattlesnake The other three were chained to the wall in an adjoining bunker.

Serf had brought Tommy and Wilson back from Mexico as Tommy was an ex-Special Forces linguist fluent in Arabic. He would serve as Serf’s interpreter. Wilson, being a medic, would be able to administer sodium pentothal. Serf had already made the decision to interrogate these prisoners aggressively, to see if they had been holding anything back. Serf had already made up his mind  that he was going to brutalize the first prisoner, to set the tone for the other three.

They had spent two days in their cells with no nourishment beyond bread and water when Serf and Tommy came down to the cell that the single prisoner shared with Rodney. With Serf interrogating and Tommy interpreting, it was obvious that the prisoner was not going to speak.

Serf drew his .22 caliber pistol and shot him in both knees. Again, he refused to divulge anything. Serf had Tommy help him get the prisoner on his feet, which were useless, and then threw him at Rodney,who bit him three times in rapid succession.

Serf and Tommy then retrieved one of the other three prisoners and put him in the bunker with his dying friend and Rodney. Again, they left the prisoners alone for two days.

Periodically, the prisoner who had been bitten by Rodney could be heard screaming in pain as he was going through the throngs of dying. “I wonder if this will have any impact on the other three when it comes time to interrogate them,” Serf said.

“If they don’t talk after this, they obviously don’t know anything. However, if one should talk, we will have to take him out to kill him, just to give the others hope,” Wilson said.

“Take a couple of Rodney’s rats down and release them in the cell. They will dine on our dead guest until Rodney gets hungry. That should really fuck up the other one’s mind,” Serf said.

“Remember,” Tommy said, “that bastard is going to start stinking soon. We need to get rid of him before it gets bad, or we’ll never get the stink out. The fucking coyotes are getting fat and lazy. If we moved out they’d die of starvation.”